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Hastings Court Care Home
Hastings Court Care Home

Dementia Care

In our dementia unit we work by entering the world of the person living with dementia and living in their moment and sharing their reality.

To do this we spend time building a picture of them and their life story before dementia eroded their lives so we can connect fully with them. Only by understanding the person can we fully serve them.

Whilst the unit will be a microcosm of the real world, we ensure that they are part of the wider world and have opportunities outside the unit. We see the person and not the dementia and always remember that behaviours reflect feelings and it is for us to unpick these so we can fully relate and support them. We do not challenge but rather validate feelings and support their journey.

A vast range of activities are arranged to encourage physical activity. Our residents are living, not just existing, with dementia and we ensure that they are involved in meaningful occupation relevant to who they are so they retain their own unique identity. Activity can give meaning and purpose to life as well as maintaining self-respect and self-esteem.

It is the person at the heart of all we do and because each day matters, we work to ensure each is a positive and fulfilling experience.