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Hastings Court Care Home
Hastings Court Care Home
Hastings Court Care Home
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Our activities programme, like everything we do, is person-centred and adapts to reflect the personalities and interests of the people in our care.

We have a dedicated Lifestyle Manager but all of our staff are involved in ensuring our residents live life to the full every day. A good balance of rest and activity is important to us all for mental well-being and quality of life.

Activity Programme

Whether our residents want to learn new skills, join an arts-and-crafts class, watch a film in our cinema, join in the gardening or the home baking, or simply relax in the company of friends, we provide the opportunity. Activities can be large group, small group, or individual.

We work with the residents and their families to arrange activities that will suit each person and their lifestyle and sensitively identify how they choose to spend their day so we can give activities that are meaningful for each distinct person.

We then arrange a diverse and large range of activities that use a combination of skills:

  • Physical to improve strength and coordination
  • Sensory to interpret the world around us by touch, feel, smell, sensation of movement, sight, hearing
  • Cognitive for memory and problem solving
  • Social for interaction and relationships
  • Emotional that will influence choice of activities because of underlying beliefs and culture.

Dementia activity

In our specialist dementia unit we apply the same principles always being mindful of each person's ability so they can engage in meaningful activities that offer a degree of challenge. Meaningful activities can improve mood and decrease agitation, improve confidence dexterity and memory and improve appetite. And having the sense of purpose that activities can bring enhances the quality of life and sense of well-being.